Our Process

Wealth management and retirement planning is a long-term process. At FGMK Preservation Capital Partners, LLC, we will work with you to create a plan that will address your long-term goals and prepare your portfolio for the future. We adhere to a proven process that addresses each state of planning, implementation, and management, all while keeping your future in mind. Maximizing growth and preserving wealth is the foundation of our process.


Evaluation: Identify your Goals and Risk Tolerance. Achieving your goals must first start with identifying your unique and specific needs based on your risk tolerance and time horizon.

                  Objectives: Growth, Income, or a combination of both?

                  Time Frame: When will you draw on this money and what amount?

                  Risk Tolerance: How much risk are you willing to assume?

Design: The portfolio will be designed using an asset allocation model which will fit your investing profile. We will construct a portfolio in a traditional asset allocation manner from a list of thousands of investments to determine an appropriate asset mix for your account. Your investments will be allocated across various asset classes.

Implementation: We will use Charles Schwab & Company as our custodian for your managed institutional account.

Management: We will reallocate and adjust your account as necessary to keep your investments on track to meet your objectives. We will make decisions about the investment mix, matching the investments to objectives and balancing the risk against performance.

Support: You will receive a high level of direct support from our office but you will also have access to support at Charles Schwab. We will communicate with you on a quarterly basis (or as requested) by providing quarterly account recaps. You will also receive monthly statements directly from Charles Schwab & Company.